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OpticFilm 8200i Ai

  • Dedicated 35mm film scanner
  • 7200 dpi optical resolution
  • Silverfast Multi-exposure
  • Build-in infrared channel with SilverFast iSRD for dust and scratch removal
  • IT8 calibration target included

−   OpticFilm 8100 | 8200i SE | 8200i Ai Comparison Table   −

WorkflowPilot ®

Own presets

(Software based Dust and Scratch Removal)

Marker & Eraser tool

iSRD ® *
(Software based Dust and Scratch Removal)

w/ polygon mark

HDRi ® *
SilverFast Multi-Exposure ®
Automatic Frame Detection
with IFF+Engine

own frame sets

(Selective Color Correction)

w/ polygon mark

NegaFix ®

own profiles

JobManager ®
Kodachrome Features
(Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization)
Auto IT8 Calibration
Expert Mode
16 Bit Histogram
48/16 Bit RAW Data
48/16 Bit Images

  • * if your scanner‘s hardware is supporting this feature. A copy of SilverFast HDR or HDR Studio is required for processing HDRi files.
  • * OpticFilm 8100 is not supporting iSRD and HDRi features due to no built-in IR.