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Our Distributor    

We believe that you can build a Good Business alone, but to achieve a          
Successful Business you have to do it together.          

The Challenge

Each countries, regions or even cities have it’s own uniquity. Diverse in culture, habits, and et cetera, shaping their unique work-attitude and environment. Therefore creating different needs and different solution approach to each situations.

The Solution

We are determined to follow our motto, vision and mission of our company, to be the solution for every problem in document scanning world.
We need local perspective for each problem, we need local partners.

Our Official Partners

Pusat Perkantoran

Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta No. 73
Kompleks Ruko Pangeran Jayakarta Center
Blok D2 No. 7-8, Jakarta Pusat – 10730
 6282211511635, [email protected]