Local Partners

We believe that you can build a Good Business alone, but to achieve a Successful Business you have to do it together.

Local Partners

The Challenge

Each countries, regions or even cities have it’s own uniquity. Diverse in culture, habits, and et cetera, shaping their unique work-attitude and environment. Therefore creating different needs and different solution approach to each situations.

The Solution

We are determined to follow our motto, vision and mission of our company, to be the solution for every problem in document scanning world.
We need local perspective for each problem, we need local partners.

Here are our proud Local Partners


Indonesian Virtual Company integrates Plustek Scanner with “Software Periksa Nilai”. This software checks Computer Answering Sheet for education examination in schools or courses.

Dokumen Kuantum Indonesia

PT. Dokumen Kuantum Indonesia integrates Plustek Scanner with “InoFaktur” Software.
This software is used to process a hardcopy or softcopy of an eFaktur tax sheet and changed into a .CSV file to be later processed on “Pelaporan e-SPT”, Indonesia’s government digital tax software.


PT. Realta Chakradarma (REALTA) was established in 1983. With a Total Solution concept, they made “Rhapsody” software and integrates it with Plustek Scanner.
The software used for capturing, processing and analyzing all data and transactions in real-time environment thus enabling management to successfully orchestrate the entire hotel operation.


Awakami is an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company aim to give solution for e-Business company, integrates Plustek Scanner and their software to directly collecting data from passport.


4VisionMedia is an IT solution service company. Integrating Plustek Scanner with a software used in TNI AD (Indonesia National Army – Ground Force Division) to direct digital data archive.

Sentra Solusi Informatika

Sentra Solusi Informatika creates ITTOS, stands for Integrated Tour and Travel Online System, helps companies to collect data directly from passport. Integrates Plustek Scanner with their software.

Luxindo Artha Perkasa

Luxindo Artha Perkasa is a Global Technology Solutions company. Integrates Plustek Scanner to software that detects and collects passport data.

Reliable Local Partners

Vision & Purpose

  • Sales 80%
  • Product Knowledge 76%
  • Conversion Rate 95%
  • Email Subscribers 60%

The Results Were Amazing

With good relationship with partners, we are able to penetrates local businesses or local government instances and provides solutions to their work demand.
Simply, we are dedicated to uncovering ideas through creativity—in both thinking and implementation. Our process and investment are mainly to gives customers sophisticated and comfortable product to use on real-work environment.

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